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Yoga Routine to Help You Sleep on a Plane | Sanctifly

27 May, 2020

Sanctifly Club

27 May, 2020

Getting a good sleep while flying is not easy. Frequent travelers often ask, how to get better sleep on a plane? We asked Sara Quiriconi, travel wellness expert, to share some yoga to help you sleep on a plane.

Sleep is one of the most important factors in our physical and mental health. Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality is a serious problem for frequent travelers, and disruption of your sleep routine can have serious effects on your well-being. A nice, comfy bed is the best option for getting a good night’s rest, but not always an option for frequent travelers. We are left wondering how to make the best of it and how to sleep on a plane?

Moving your body is the answer! Do some gentle exercise to help sleep on a plane. Stretching can have a calming effect on your body and mind and helps your muscles to wind down and prepare you for sleep.

The Sanctifly app has lots of travel wellness, fitness and stretch content just like this. All routines are designed specifically for frequent travelers, to help you navigate frequent travel and maintain your healthy routine. Sanctifly also features access to airport wellness facilities, such as gyms, pool, spas and lounges so you can upgrade your airport experience and make healthy choices while on the road.

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Sanctifly has partnered with Sara Quiriconi, Live Free Warrior, to bring you wellness motivation and knowledge.
Find out more about Sara Quiriconi, Live Free Warrior:

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